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In this episode: FAQ is how to find a place to worship while just visiting. The destination is Memphis, Tennessee, The mistake is needing to go to sleep, while tipsy, and the travel tip is on travel with pets.


FAQ: It’s Sunday and I want to worship in my religion. How do I find a place of worship in a city where I’m just visiting?


Keeping the faith strong while on the road is important, and here are some tips for you to follow:


  1. Download the app: Church Finder from the Apple store or Google Play.
  2. Go to your search engine and type in “Churches near me.” Or “churches (location) and then seek out the ratings. You can look further into other social media regarding these you find before you visit, because you may be looking for something specific.
  3. Find Facebook groups in the city/village you visit and connect there. For example, Search “Christians (location)” and you will find several that you can look up in advance.
  4. Ask your spiritual friends before you go
  5. Ask your pastor for suggestions
  6. Find a trusted concierge in a hotel or restaurant you are visiting


Before you visit, ask and learn about expectations, address, service times and dress codes.


Today’s Independent Destination-Memphis, Tennessee


Think of great music and Memphis comes to mind. It’s the birthplace of much great jazz, soul, spiritual and rock music in America. Memphis’ Mighty Mississippi river location has certainly made a difference.


I flew into the city on July 4th, just as dusk was approaching and the fireworks all over the city were spectacular. It seemed like the city was a sparkling jewel, and I couldn’t wait to get to know it. I stayed there for a week, and then returned there after a 5000 mile road trip. FedX must know something about road trips, which is why they have their headquarters here.

If you are visiting Memphis, here are some things for you to consider.


Elvis’ Graceland Gates are open as of this recording.

The tour can last up to several hours, depending on the choice you take. During Covid, they do take temperature checks of everyone, require masks, limit the capacity on the tour bus, limit the number of people in the house and clean constantly. It was a good tour, so I can recommend this if you are a fan of the Elvis World. Graceland is located close to the airport, so it’s easy to find and navigate. You can stay here in a nearby resort with the same name. or you can reserve your tickets in advance and park about a half mile away and avoid the parking fee. Restaurants have both indoor and outdoor seating at 50% capacity here.  I’m into the music, so the house, the cars and the glitz was not as important as the recordings and the history of rock n roll that Elvis carried through this region. Even if you don’t go on a tour, you can see that thousands of people have left their signature here, on the wall outside the home of where Elvis lived. It’s a long wall, with room for your signature, if you so desire to leave your mark.


Speaking of music, you can see live music on Beale Street anytime of day, within reason. They block the streets from cars on weekends so you can stroll through a history of music in Memphis anytime you like. For a more formal education on the history of music here, visit Stax Records, Sun Recording Studios tour or drive along Route 66 and find the historic museum outside of Tunica, Mississippi.

Nearby downtown is an area called Mud Flats, which was really very nice to explore on a bicycle. I’d highly recommend that view of the river, the bridges and the fresh air.

The most touristy thing to do is to visit the Civil Rights Museum, located walking distance from Beale Street, to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr and his historic path for African Americans. I was moved by the experience, especially in the wake of the civil unrest in our country in 2020. I encourage you to get an education about this period in the country’s history, so we can better prepare for the future.

There was so much to see in Memphis, I’d love to tell you more about it, but then you should also walk the city proper and find out for yourself why this it a treasure.



Today’s Mistake- Needing to go to sleep after wine


Today’s Travel Advice-Travel with pets

How to travel with pets? I’m not a pet owner, so I had to get this from friends who are. They travel with pets all the time. Pets make good company for the solo traveler, but even better with another adult on board to care for the pet.

The show notes give lots of tips on safe travel with pets in the car, on an airplane, ship of train. If you have questions, you can check with your vet or the humane society.



Today I want to bring meaning to your travel



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