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Show Notes Dr. Mary Travelbest: Houston

In this episode: Eating Vegan on the road, Destination: Houston, Mistake is getting pick pocketed, and tips are things to carry in your car if on a road trip.

FAQ- Can I eat vegan or vegetarian while on the road?
Yes, you can and it’s getting easier to do that. Try planning ahead to see what places are vegan. You can always find the staples of Beans and Rice, even when you’re not on the road. Falafel. Eat breakfast, wherever you start out. Carry your own food. Be sure to have protein, including nuts.
I’m not a vegan, but I know that it’s a very healthy lifestyle, so I’ll be more conscious of others who are.

Today’s Independent Destination- Houston

Touristy:  Yes, it’s a Huge city, and the locals like that it’s been “underrated” for many years.
And Texas is a huge state, so consider that everything is BIG here.
What’s there to do? Music is big, think Beyonce. Literature is big, think  Larry McMurtry,
Shopping- the Galleria with 400+ stores, including 60 local ones.
Oil is big in Texas. The Bush family lives here, right?
Steaks-I’m sure they are Texas sized, too.
Johnson Space Center-NASA-held the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

It’s a sports town, NBA Houston Rockets

Off the beaten path: One of our best men from our wedding, Pico Mina, held his wedding here. Some great memories of a horse driven carriage and a lovely bride, Catherine. …Pappadeaux Restaurant chain was founded here. Great seafood and more.

Another time in Houston was not by choice. I was stranded overnight at the airport due to bad weather. I found a local guy named Howard, who was in my same predicament and spent the night at his place, not a romantic event, just two travelers who would return to the airport the next day and try to get away. That story did not work out, as I never did get to my destination. But that will be for another day!

Today’s Mistake-
My friend Becky wanted me to share her story. She told me about getting robbed right after she got to Europe, because she was a little jetlagged and not herself. Her friend had her wallet in a purse, zipped, and inside the jacket, closed. They were on the subway, and it was crowded, but the friend did not even know they were picked. That’s a good pickpocket, because they never saw it happen. Don’t get robbed. Stay on top of your surroundings. The end of the story was that they got their wallets back, minus the cash. They did have to cancel their credit cards, but the bank was very supportive and helpful, even giving them some personal support and advice for the future.

Today’s Travel Advice- Are you going on a road trip? Consider these things….
Things to keep in your car:
Spare tire with jack, charger for your phone, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water, blanket, registration and proof of insurance, jacket, wine opener, raincoat or poncho, reflectors, and remember that if you bring it, you likely won’t need it. But if you forget it, you will certainly need it!
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