Santa Fe, New Mexico

Let's visit Santa Fe, New Mexico as a woman independent traveler. I just did it this month and you can, too. I'll share my travel mistakes and give you tips for travel. I also answer your questions, so go ahead and ask me.

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In this episode: FAQ on how to keep food and meal costs low? The destination is Santa Fe, New Mexico, the mistake is almost causing havoc on the road, and travel advice is to travel or not on a holiday?

FAQ: Advice on how to keep food/meal costs low while traveling?

Keeping food costs low is …
Club stores: Sam’s, Costco lets you buy in bulk, so if you are in a trip where you can bulk up, do so right away. For example, you may need to get a case of bottled water, especially in a foreign country. You may find that the Club stores have really great pricing on bulk water, other beverages, and even staples like peanut butter and jelly.
We get our gas, too, and to save time, get there before it opens.

Go to the back of the grocery store first. That’s where the real deals are, not in the front. Eat a large breakfast. Or even better, get the breakfast included with the room, such as in a lot of hotel chains or BNBs. Make the big meal of the day either breakfast or lunch, and then you will not be so hungry for dinner, when the prices for a meal are normally a lot higher.

When you do eat out, you can ask for a doggie bag and get a second meal already. Most restaurants serve too much food anyway. Or share a meal with a friend.
You can purchase easy to eat items like Bananas, apples and pears for low costs. You can also ask the locals where they eat and drink. They normally know the best values and this is a more authentic experience which you will prefer.

Today’s Independent Destination- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Visit in fall of 2019. Heard that the airport was very small, with no real services to offer.
Movie stars were all over the city.
Walk along the river, Rio Grande
Parks in the downtown area
Restaurants galore, every kind of food you can imagine is here. So are the tourists.
I found a store called: Travel Bug- Paseo de Peralta.
I browsed all of the travel books and bought a map, because you always need maps, right?
Plaza is where the center of the city meets. Lots of souvenir shops and churches here.
Some authentic stores and art galleries: Canyon Road, Highway 285
Old Pecos Trail, Old Santa Fe Trail
Nearby Places to see? ALB is about an hour away, Turquoise Trail for tourists and you.
Balloon Celebration first weekend in October
Hot spot in the USA for retirees.

Today’s Mistake
Driving a car with a chain holding the gas tank. I could have caused a disaster.
That was a gigantic mistake for me. I filled up the tank for a long trip from Chicago to Ohio. That tank of gas must have been too much for the full car, my 65 Chevy Station Wagon that cost me $50. On the Kennedy Expressway, in the reversible lanes, my rear view mirror had sparks flying from my car. So I dragged it a while going at least 65 mph.
Well, I pulled over and no fire was there. There were 9 emergency vehicles that came to the rescue. No one was hurt. They towed my car. The gas tank was re-welded back on the car. That was the car I drove for the next year or so, but what a memory.

Today’s Travel Advice
Should you travel on the holidays or stay home? Wherever you find yourself, with the best deal for travel and a place to stay is ideal.
It’s good to avoid the crowds and rushing of the airport.

One of my travel buddy friends, Jo Balsamo Wood said this….I’ve gone on vacation over Christmas. I really enjoyed getting away from the hubbub, going to beautiful churches, seeing other traditions. Highly recommended. Unquote

Today I want to bring meaning to your travel

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