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In this episode: FAQ: How do I always bring the right clothes, but not over pack? Destination: New Orleans, mistake: jumping in water that was too shallow, and tips on travel and local libraries.


FAQ- How do I bring the right clothes, but not over pack?
This is always a challenge, even when you are going to a beach. What do you do? I’ve got a plan that works for me, so here it is.
I put everything I need out on the floor, but in reach, fill my suitcase, and then dump out half of it. I want to color match, so maybe just black and white clothes will be the style. Usually just one pair of pants is all you need, and a few blouses, except for long trips. Try to bring things that work alone, like solid colors that are neutral, not always the exact outfit is needed to enjoy yourself. Do you want to be carrying around a large suitcase? I think not. So lighten it by bringing gifts for others from your hometown. Drop them off. Then you can fill your suitcase with goodies for the trip home, presents for loved ones, even you!

Today’s Independent Destination- New Orleans, Louisiana
First the touristy then off the beaten path for NOLA. Yes, you can go solo or with a friend.
Touristy: When to go? Jazz Fest in spring, Mardi Gras the start of Lent, or when you want to have a party, like my friend did for her 60th birthday.
There are some great things to do in New Orleans, a non-stop party.
French Quarter: it’s a neighborhood of glitzy and loud entertainers, some shops and bars with restaurants. Eat Cajun food. Check out the Second story cast iron balconies in colorful patterns. It’s where the history of New Orleans begins. There are quieter streets leading to the French Market, where you can find gourmet food and local crafts. Look for street performers in front of the St. Louis Cathedral.
Museums-The Air BNB where I was staying by night was a museum by day, close to the French Quarter.
Riverboats for gambling are here, too, if you like.
Music: non-stop jazz clubs throughout the city.
Beignets: They are a delicious baked treat, especially at 2am at Café du Monde.
Southern hospitality: enjoy it.

Off the Beaten Path: So watch out, keep your valuables hidden and protected.
On a more happy note, while exploring recently, I found a farmers market underneath a freeway ramp, and scored some nice treats for souvenirs, not on the main path of tourists at all. Check out the local neighborhoods for local fests and weekly markets like this.

Today’s Mistake-

I jumped into shallow water. Not just once. I did it two times several years apart.
Don’t follow my lead. Always know before you jump. The first time was outdoors in a wooded area and my friends were all jumping in, so I did also. But I did not realize that the water was so shallow, so I hurt my foot and had a hard time walking on it. Just the heel, but it took a while.
The next and last time, was while a “stunt woman” for Universal Studios. Really, it was only on the tour. But I was part of the show as a volunteer. I was to jump in the raging river and we were bank robbers or something like that. Only when I jumped in the river, it was only a few inches deep, so my leg was injured badly. I had to go to the hospital nearby and never did get further at the park. My friends had to drive home for me that day, and it was weeks before my knee was better. So don’t jump unless you know the depth.

Today’s Travel Advice- Step into a local public library. When you travel, see the public library and get a feel for what the locals do. I love seeing books, art and even music on display, the people who visiting and especially the librarians. They are just helpful people! Get to know a new library today, no matter where you are. I visited the public library twice while in Seward, Alaska to take in some local color. It’s also a museum and houses the archives of the region. I take my mom in her wheelchair to her public library in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves that she can read her favorite authors and browse for new ones.
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