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 Show Notes Independent Travel Dr. Mary Travelbest: Munich, Germany

In this episode: FAQ what makes someone a good travel companion?  Destination: Munich Germany, My mistakes: Fashion Fo-Pahs and travel advice for avoiding extra fees for carry-on baggage.

FAQ: In your experience, what makes someone a good travel companion?

Answer: My best travel companions have a sense of humor when things don’t go the way we planned, or we lose our way. Being resilient and making do with the circumstances goes a long way when with another person on the road. Patience and curiosity are two great qualities to carry along, too.

Today’s Independent Destination- Munich, Germany

For the Tourist: Two favorite memories of Munich are Oktoberfest (mid Sept-Mid Oct) and Dachau.
The Fest is also called:  Wisen, pronounced “Vizen “ after Therese, one of the originals from a wedding party feast two centuries ago.

Yes, the fest is now 204 years old, and only features beer from Munich. There are 14 very large tents. The most famous one is Schottenhamel because it’s where the mayor taps the first keg and the biggest one is Hofbräu-Festhalle which seats almost 11,000 people.
If the season is not Oktoberfest, you still can visit the Hofbrau House in Munich.

Dachau is a concentration camp about 20 minutes from Munich, where 40,000 people were killed in WW2. Never forget the past kept ringing through my head and heart as I walked through this former prison for unfortunate people from a war torn country.

Off the Beaten Path: Not far from Munich is an area of hills and mountains known as The Black Forest, for its dense evergreen forests and picture-like villages, maybe similar to the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. It’s known for spas and cuckoo clocks. In the center of the towns, you may be able to sit and have a drink and do some people watching and just enjoy the setting. Stuttgart and Freiburg are nearby, and you’ll see Gothic architecture and vineyards. A friend that I met in New Zealand, named Ulrich Gembardt, who worked as a reporter for the BBC in  Germany, took me around the area, exploring the Black Forest, where he had a second home. I found the area to be especially delightful and not so well known in the USA. Visit if you can.

Today’s Mistakes

Two fashion errors today to report. The first was wearing brand new blue jeans in the pouring rain. My waist, backside and legs turned all blue.
That was a poor plan and took several days to get my skin normal. Wash your new jeans before you go in the rain and become a blue person.
And don’t do what I did and wear new hiking boots on a long trip. Be sure you break them in for at least several weeks before you leave town.

Today’s Travel Advice

Airlines want to charge you for extras these day. Here’s a tip for you to avoid extra charges at the gate. If the airline makes you shrink down to only one bag, and you’re carrying two, stuff one bag into the other one. If you need to, you can remove the items from the smaller bag and place them in the larger one. Put things in your pockets if you need to, or add another layer of clothing to your outfit and then re-organize once you get on the plane.
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