Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Show Notes Sioux Falls, South Dakota


In this episode: FAQ is  how to deal with loneliness when you are solo.

Destination is Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Lesson Learned is Getting Wet

Travel tip is a Fanny Pack


FAQ is: When I am lonely, what should I do on the road?


Answer:  If you travel solo, there are times you will feel alone, but you can lean into these times and think of something positive about being solo. For example, you can go at your own pace, have uninterrupted time to daydream, and sleep in if you want. However, it’s always good to have a friend you can check in with from the road, just to call and say “hello” to someone you love. So, keep the loved ones informed about your location and have a positive attitude so they don’t worry.


Today’s Independent Destination- Sioux Falls


What can you do in Sioux Falls?


Downtown Sculpture Walk, that was perfect to do early morning, and stopped in some retail stores, too. Duluth Trading for one. Read a book on how they built the brand while there. A few other nice stores in the downtown area. Love the old brick buildings. Was a busy day for this downtown area. Plenty of traffic on the sidewalk which was healthy for economy.


Today’s Lesson Learned-Getting Wet

Today I took a hike in the pouring rain. Yes, I got wet, of course. But it wasn’t so bad, because I expected to get wet. The forecast was for rain, so that was time to be prepared.

If you’re going to get out there in nature, you’re surely needing to adjust for the elements. The lesson I learned was to have an umbrella nearby or handy, wear the right footwear, and take off the wet clothes quickly.


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