Lincoln, Nebraska


Show Notes Independent Travel Destination: Lincoln Nebraska


In this episode: FAQ is how to find out the travel restrictions for a place I want to visit? The destination is Lincoln, Nebraska

The lesson learned is: don’t drop phone/camera and crack your screen and the tip is on using notes on your phone.


FAQ: How can I find out the travel restrictions for a place I want to visit?


Answer: State Department


 is the website to visit to get up to date travel restrictions, maps and what you need, including passport updated info. You will see every region has a level of restriction, and most say “travel restricted” or “do not travel” now. That will change over the next few months, and years, so stay aware of the rules as you are planning future trips.


Today’s Independent Destination- Lincoln Nebraska


My sister in law, Cindy, is from Lincoln, so she told me some great things to do there. Here are some of my favorites.


  • Pioneers Park was expansive and even during Covid, you can drive around and enjoy the sights from your vehicle. If you can, Drive to the Nature Center
  • You’ll notice some nice Golf courses, flat breezy
  • Red cars a lot in Nebraska, and lots of Barns
  • What about Nature? Elk, bison, turtles, frogs, Nature center has 600 acres of prarie, wetlands, and woodlands plus 8 miles of hiking.
  • University of Nebraska, downtown, walking city, capital of Nebraska.
  • SAC Museum
  • Runza Hamburger, Valentino’s Pizza
  • Lincoln Highway
  • Rails to trails


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