Omaha, Nebraska


Show Notes 77 Dr Mary Travelbest Guide to Omaha, Nebraska


In this episode: The FAQ The FAQ is on medical tourism

The Destination is Omaha, Nebraska

The lesson learned is not to hitchhike in the wrong direction

The tip is remove food from carry on luggage for X ray.


FAQ: What is Medical Tourism, and should I consider that?


Answer: Medical tourism is very popular in certain countries like Thailand, India, Costa Rica, and Mexico. There are packages that include insurance for a selection of treatments, travel and doctors. Some of the reasons for these visits include cancer, osteo, cardio, cosmetic and dental.

Think about the quality and the level of satisfaction that you expect if you are going to plan such a visit, and include interpreters, as well as recovery if needed. There are three steps, the pre, during and post medical consideration. With today’s technology and transparency, look for this to grow in the future.


Today’s Episode Destination is Omaha, Nebraska


Omaha is Famous for Omaha Steaks and a lot more.


Omaha is a city in the U.S. state of Nebraska, on the Missouri River close to the Iowa border. A stop on the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, it's known for its pioneer history, museums and cultural centers. The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium spearheads conservation work and features a big cat complex as well as indoor jungle, rainforest and desert habitats, and I’ll mention that in a minute.


What else should you do? Visit the Laurstzen Gardens and Kenefer Park

These gardens are outstanding and so well cared for. I love the rose garden, which was wa-a-ay out there. Four main types of roses here, in four sections and all smelled lovely. Asian garden needs work. Children’s garden. You can visit here for hours if you wish. The greenhouse was closed during Covid.


Other things to do in Omaha include visits to: Lake Manawa, Heartland of America, Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, Old Market neighborhood


Visit the Fontenelle Forest in the morning was beautiful and easy to find, walk and hang out, even during the rain, which was not stormy….just light drizzle.


Omaha’s Art Museum was closed during Covid, but outside was a wedding party taking pix and a mom and kids who were teens all playing in the fountain and having a good experience learning.



Let’s talk about Bobbing on the Iowa to Nebraska bridge. You can take a photo in the middle of the bridge, called Bobbing. This is a verb in this part of the country, named after the Bob Kerrey bridge. That’s it. You go bobbing when you stand in two states on a bridge.


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