California Beaches Part 2


Show Notes California Beaches (Part 2)


In this episode: The FAQ is on points vs miles for a credit card and the destination is California Beaches part 2 the lesson learned is cutting out sinus infections and the tip is when to visit the Eiffel Tower.


FAQ: What’s the difference between points and miles on a credit card reward?


Answer:  There is little difference between points and miles on a credit card.


If you have a choice, get the cash, not the points or the miles. Points are just another way to accrue loyalty for travel companies. They may call them miles, but all in all, the mileage may vary. The companies can change the rules anytime they want. Now is a good time to use your miles, if you’ve been storing them. Don’t let them disappear. You can often give them as a gift to someone else, too. Most of the credit cards that let you earn points have a fee and restrictions. Be sure to read the fine print before you buy.



Today’s Episode special edition is on California Beaches from Carlsbad to Camp Pendleton (part 2 of 4)


From the south near the border, especially Coronado we headed north toward Carlsbad, where we pick up on California Beaches.  In part 2, we will keep going north all the way to Camp Pendleton and beaches in between. They are all “free” to visit, but are some still closed? Check before you travel.


South Ponto Beach,


This is wide beach, in an undeveloped are. Coast Highway 101 is here, and the Batiquitos Lagoon is on the other side of the highway. There are public restrooms and showers here. You can swim, surf, sunbathe and play beach volleyball with your own net.


South Carlsbad State Beach, and

Carlsbad State Beach, also known as Tamarack Surf Beach is from Tamarack Avenue to Frazee Beech, near Carlsbad Village Drive.


Your California State Park Explorer Pass will allow you admission at South Carlsbad State Beach, Carlsbad State Beach and several other beaches along the coast.

Great walks on the paved path, the Carlsbad Seawall, which is 4 miles long. You can see joggers, roller-bladers and bike cruisers here, and the sunsets are great.


Tamarack Surf Beach


Beautiful Harbor Beach is Oceanside's largest beach, offering everything from surfing to volleyball. You may find a surfing competition that you can watch from the pier. The Pier in Oceanside is worth a stroll.  You will also see fisherman, with permits.

I’ve been swimming in this beach. Breakwater Way is a quiet, family beach located just south of Oceanside Harbor. You can walk along the frontage path or bike along here, too. I’ve had a good meal or two on the pier itself, which has a few restaurants.

Parking may be at a premium so, you may need to walk a few blocks and feed the meters.


Then Camp Pendelton is the next beach in our tour, but this may be restricted, so be advised. There is camping here, and reservations favor those in active duty, reservists, and retired military. Show notes have the reservation information for these beaches, called Del Mar and San Onofre Beachfronts.



·         Reservations will be taken up to 3 months in advance.

o    1st Day of the Month – Active Duty Personnel

o    2nd Day of the Month – Reservists & Retired Military

o    3rd Day of the Month – DOD Patrons & Eligible Veterans

o    4th Day of the Month – ALL Eligible Patrons & Group Bookings

·         Phone: (855) REC-2118

·         The Del Mar and San Onofre Beachfronts are open to water activities and exercise


Today’s Lessons Learned-Look out for a Sinus Infection


Sinus infections. They can drain your health and put you down for the count when you travel. How come I get them so often when I travel? I think it’s because I wear myself down, and then become a target for the germs. I don’t drink enough water. I stay up too late and then pay the price. So, this year, I’m making a pact not to get these anymore. I’m taking a small pink pill that is a preventative measure daily. It’s basically giving me some protection against  the pollen.


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