New York City part 1


Show Notes: Dr Mary Travelbest Guide:  New York City Part 1


In this episode: The FAQ is : How do I ride the subway? The destination is New York City (Part 1) The lesson learned is: eating Hot Spicy Foods. The tip is: Give wildlife their space, too.


FAQ: How do I ride the subway?


Answer: For those listeners in rural areas, you may have never been exposed to a subway, so this is for you.

You’ve seen the movies mostly of people jumping over the turnstiles and not paying the fare. Don’t let those fool you. You need to pay to ride the subway. Seniors usually get discounted fares, so look up that in the city where you are heading in advance. Most city subway systems have an app with the map, so download that. Most subway systems are forgiving, if you forget to get off at your destination, you can get off at the next stop and take the next train back.

Some subways, like Washington, DC, or Atlanta, for example, allow you to take your bicycle on the subway at no extra cost. This can make for better travel and convenience.

For those who just want to get somewhere now and then, but fast, this is the way to go.


Today’s Episode is on New York City (Part 1)


New York City

Dr. Travelbest shares some of her experience in New York, growing up there and traveling there solo at age 15 for three weeks. My parents and siblings moved to Chicago in the middle of my 9th grade school year, so they allowed me to buy my own plane ticket and go back to visit that summer by myself. It was only my second ever plane trip, I was so nervous and frightened, but I knew that if I wanted to see my friends, I’d have to do this solo. When I landed at the airport in New York City, I learned new skills and traveled well. It was the beginning of a life on the road enjoying travel.


In New York City, you can do a lot of things because touristy things are easy to access. This city is used to big crowds, like in Times Square for New Year’s celebrations My favorite part of New York City life is going to Broadway shows, especially matinees. Every time I visit, I try to get to different theatres and take in the action. Just walking around the theatre district is quite interesting for a traveler with an independent mindset.


There are plenty of museums in NYC, and they are easy to find on your own. The subway system is efficient and available, so travelers should be comfortable using it.

What museums should you visit? These are my favorite ones….And all easy to get to in Manhattan.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA)

Museum of Natural History

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the freedom that each of us in the United States has been given. However, there is a smaller sized Statue of Liberty in Tokyo. Did you know that?

Central Park is a don’t miss part of New York City. Stroll through the park in the daytime, and you’ll see all kinds of groups, families, and just people walking or biking for fun.


Lesson Learned: Hot Spicy Foods while traveling


When I travel, I’ve learned the hard way about eating hot spicy foods. I don’t. I’ve tried to swallow some hot sauce, pizza with hot peppers, chile relleno that is hot and spicy, and other seasonings. I prefer no spice. It may sound boring, but I learned my lesson the hard way. Now I just say “no” and that is empowering, too.

In the US, people are using much more spice than they used to. This is changing due to immigration from Asia and Latin America. For others, spices can be a way to broaden your global horizons.


Today’s Travel Advice- Give wildlife their space


Those dangerous animals likely are dangerous. If you are seeing wildlife that’s too close for comfort, your brain is trying to keep you alive. Step back and leave what you’re doing and get away. There will always be another chance to get close with a beast, bird, or insect. Be alert and no selfie with an animal is worth dying over.


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