Special episode: Reunions for Independent Travelers


Show Notes: Special Episode on Reunions for Independent Travelers


In this episode: The FAQ is: Why is starting a trip sometimes so hard? Special episode is Reunions for Independent Travelers. The mistake is: Forgetting something important in transit. The tip is: The Journey is a trip in itself


FAQ is: Why is starting a trip sometimes so hard?


Answer: Anne Morrow Lindbergh said that it’s like you are a snail being pulled off your rock. Once I get started, it’s better. Are you that snail that needs to be pulled off your rock? As you listen to this and other episodes on travel, I hope you feel more and more like the eagle, who soars above and is a travel champion.


Today’s Special Episode is: Reunions for Independent Travelers.


That doesn’t sound “independent” to me, but you can make it so, with a plan to be solo before and/or after your get together.


If your family announces there is a “reunion” soon, you can begin planning your solo activities before and/or after the event now, without permission from the group. The actual details don’t need to be shared with others, so you can just say, “Sorry, I’m busy. “


Plan a few days ahead to see a nearby village, town, zoo, or museum, on your own, independently. That space you create just for you will fill you with good memories and carry you a long way once your group’s reunion begins.


Our family reunions have been held in different locations, including a Christmas in Colorado skiing, a visit to the aquarium in Atlanta, lunch on the beach in California, and on a cruise to Mexico. Each of these family reunions. had time for “independent” travel before, after or during the event. Be clear on what time you choose for yourself.


Reunion season seems to be more in the summertime. Start planning your adventure now, with excitement for your independent trip within a reunion trip.










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Today’s Mistake- Forgetting something important in transit



Today’s Travel Advice-The Journey is a trip in itself


The good traveler has the gift of surprise. W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)


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