New York City (part 2)


Show Notes: Dr Mary Travelbest Independent Travel Guide: New York City part 2


In this episode: The FAQ is : What good are frequent flyer miles? The destination is New York City Part 2 and the lesson learned is don’t run out of water and the travel tip is Pack a small bag for “in flight”.


FAQ: What good are frequent flyer miles? Can I donate them?


Answer: They can get you free trips, but you need to work for them a bit. Unused frequent flyer miles can help a cause, so consider donating them.

Most airline miles expire after 12-36 months of account inactivity. Some have made an exception during the pandemic. American Airline’s plan allows you to donate as few as 1000 miles. The program is Let Good Take Flight. Hawaiian allows you to donate and often will match your donation. See the show notes for more details and we’ll discuss this more in future episodes.


Today’s Episode Destination is New York City (Part 2)


Are you planning to visit New York? If so, here is my personal experience of living in New York and then traveling the five boroughs.

I was born in Manhasset on Long Island, New York in the height of the baby boom of 1957. More babies were born in the US that year than any other year during this boom.


I spent my first fifteen years in New York, perfecting my accent, hanging out at the outdoor mall, Roosevelt Field, about 20 miles from the City, in a town called Garden City, which I’ll describe later.


Here’s an explanation of the five boroughs: When I say, New York City, I mean all five parts. If I say Manhattan, that’s the lower part of the island where shells worth about $24. were exchanged for the real estate in the 1600’s. That’s what most people think about the city.



Bronx is the upper part of the island on which Manhattan lies, separated by the Harlem River. The Hudson River separates this area from New Jersey.

There’s also Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

That’s all five boroughs. You may want to create a mini independent trip in each section of New York City. There’s enough to see in each of the boroughs for its own visit as an independent traveler.


My parents both grew up here, but neither lived in lower Manhattan. They met in college in the Bronx. I’d probably still live in New York today, and would not be writing about travel, if my dad hadn’t changed engineering jobs and we moved to the Chicago area. Here’s a shout out to my friends in Garden City, New York and even St. Joseph’s Catholic School. It’s been a long time since I lived there, but New York is still my place of birth and early years.


My favorite trips to New York were for baseball games at the Mets or the Yankees. If you’re visiting during these times, head to a game if you can. I also enjoyed the World’s Fair during 1964-65 and visited several times. There is still the iconic Unisphere, a spherical stainless-steel representation of earth, still located in Flushing, Queens at 140 feet high and 120 feet in diameter. If you’re in Queens, don’t miss this. New York City is what you make of it. I encourage you to visit and tell me about your trip.


Lessons Learned-Don’t run out of water.


Today’s Travel Advice- Pack a small bag for “in flight”


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