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Show Notes: Dr Mary Travelbest Special Episode on Sports Travel



In this episode: FAQ: Favorite women’s sports events, and the Special topic is Sports Travel. My lesson learned is forgetting my suitcase and the travel tip is to give yourself the gift of travel.


FAQ: What are my favorite women’s sporting travel events?


Answer: My favorite women’s sporting travel events are high school women’s sports. I enjoy watching the spirit of young women who are in adult size bodies with strength that they never knew they had. They achieve on the field in competition with peers and against rivals from other locations. Some of my favorite travel days have been spent in the bleachers watching a women’s softball game or water polo team compete for the sake of doing their best and leaving it all on the field or pool in competition.


Today’s Special Episode is Sports Travel.


My favorite baseball stadiums include most of the big-league National and American League baseball parks. Growing up in New York, I went to Shea Stadium to see the Mets and Yankee Stadium, both in New York City, and when I moved to Chicago, the Cubs and the White Sox became the home teams. Over the decades of travel, I have been to nearly every major league baseball stadium in the US. That’s sports travel.

Often, I went by myself, just for the fun of the game. Being solo, you can get some great seats, even in a nearly sold out opening day game. These games create a dramatic rivalry between teams, and a memorable experience past just seeing the field and the players compete for the win. The sounds, the smells, and the emotion along with the action create an appeal for me as the fan who is traveling.


Women’s sports are becoming more of a spectator event every year. Women’s NBA teams and women’s college basketball are showing up in the TV ratings with increasing frequency. Women’s collegiate softball and soccer keep my attention every year.

Sports are a uniting force for a global traveler.

Olympics are the ultimate travel sports events, especially women’s soccer and track and field events.

Other sports with World Championships include Futbol, with the World Cup every four years. I attended the ‘84 Olympics in Los Angeles, Being solo helped me to buy someone’s extra Track and Field Finals ticket that day at a discount.

I hope you can enjoy that Olympic experience in 2028, when the event returns to California. See show notes for details.


Consider going to the NFL trademarked Super Bowl, and the World Series, which is really teams from the US and Canada, the NCAA, WNBA and NBA Championships, the NHL and more travel for you ahead.

Travel to these destinations can become a lifelong memory for an independent traveler.


Today’s Lesson Learned- Forgetting my suitcase on a car trip.


Today’s Travel Advice-Give yourself the gift of travel.



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