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Show Notes Iowa City, Iowa

In this episode: The FAQ is : I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places? The destination is Iowa City, Iowa, the mistake is switching credit cards in a restaurant: and the tip is Get a Globe.

FAQ: is from Linda who asks, I love to travel, but during this time of uncertainty, I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places?
Answer: Linda, the best way to save money on travel expenses is to share a room with someone else. That does not always work well for independent travelers so here are a few other tips to save your hard-earned cash.
  1. House swap
  2. Bring a meal with you
  3. Travel public transportation
  4. Plan so you don’t need to push for time limits
  5. Work on the road, such as on a dude ranch, cruise ship, traveling nurse or tutor.
  6. Bring your work with you, so you can work from wherever you are.
  7. Eat a huge lunch, so you may be able to have a snack for dinner and that’s enough.
  8. Grocery shop instead of eating out.
Today’s  Episode Destination is Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa City is full of the best in Iowa, in the eastern part of the state, about 4 hours’ drive from Chicago. No better place to go that IC. Hawkeyes. Big 10 Football rules here on Saturdays in the fall, and a college town feeling that make this a home for many in the Midwest. My sister has lived here for decades, so I visit when I can, and hope to be there this summer.
My favorite things about Iowa City are mostly related to the university. The concerts and music are second to none. The people are genuine, and they are hard working in many ways. They suffer through a tough winter and come out in spring refreshed.
Here are some suggestions of things to do.
Devonian Fossil Gorge was quite a great place to explore with my family for a few hours. I would recommend a visit here to see geological wonders. I found a seashell embedded in a rock. This gorge was formed by two floods, in 1993 and 2005. It was a campground, now a fossil bed where you can see remnants of sea animals from 375 million years ago. Cross the Coralville Dam and stop at the Visitor Center. You need hiking boots or athletic shoes. You’ll like what you see buried in nature for so long, now seen thanks to massive floods in the area.
Do the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk and visit the famous Prairie Lights bookstore. Prairie Lights Books and Café, located at 15 South Dubuque Street, Iowa City. One of the best bookstores anywhere. Worth a few hours. Three and a half floors big.
Like owls? You will love the Iowa Raptor Project, seen near Iowa City, where birds are protected, and the public is invited.
Terry Trueblood Recreation Area is for bird watching and just being outside in fresh air. Go for it when you’re in IC.
Here’s a few other places to visit in Iowa City. The Old Capitol Building, the state's first capitol, now houses a museum of local history. The adjacent University of Iowa Museum of Natural History features prehistoric stone tools and taxidermy. By the Iowa River, City Park has ponds and sports facilities. East, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum displays objects and photos tracing the life of the 31st U.S. president

Today’s Mistake-Switching credit cards in a restaurant

I was in a restaurant in Hawaii with a large family group. We had the buffet, and the same bill, so we handed in our credit cards and the waitress split the check. After adding a tip and signing, we left. That night, my credit card would not work when I wanted to buy gas, but I didn’t think much of that. We went sightseeing, to the zoo, and more. That night, while paying for dinner, I noticed that my credit card was my brother in laws, who had the same last name. That took a while to settle, mail the cards back and pay the difference in what I had spent. The lesson is to check your credit card to make sure you got yours back from the server! Don’t make my mistake.

Today’s Travel Advice- Get a Globe
If you don’t have a globe, find one. It’s one of those things you will tend to spend time looking at more than you think. If you love travel, your globe looking will satisfy your curiosity. I used to have a globe jacket, so you can find them in many ways and materials.

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