The 7 Best Travel Books List for Women Travelers

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The 7 Best Travel Books List for Women Travelers

In this episode: The FAQ is about airplane travel and how to stay protected, part 2,
The Best Travel Books for Women is the feature and the mistake is an empty toll booth that cost a bundle, and finally Dr Mary Travelbest’s quick tips on keeping track of your travels.

FAQ: Part 2 of How can I prepare for an airplane flight so I am more protected and safe from the virus?

Today’s Special Episode is: The Best 7 Travelbooks List for Women Travelers

1.                  Women into the Unknown, A sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers by Marion Tinling   This is a series of 42 short stories about exploration and challenges in travel, solo or with another person, written by female explorers by a female. These are from the 19th and 20th centuries which is excellent for history buffs.

2.                  1000 Places to visit before you Die by Patricia Schultz   Patricia is a New Yorker who is versed in travel, like me. Her books focus on destinations, a lot of them. It’s more of a “wish list” and I recommend it. Patricia’s book would perhaps be a suggested next read to follow up on Dr. Travelbest’s advice in the guide. Patricia and Dr Travelbest have met in person and discussed ideas on travel.

3.                  The World's First Guide to Independent Travel by Dr. Mary Travelbest (self-published, 1993) This is a general guide to independent travel for young, budget conscious travelers looking to go on world trips without a tour guide. This book’s second edition in in the works, so stay tuned.

4.                  The Solo Travel Handbook by Lonely Planet (2018) This guide has a lot of tips, but no stories and is written more like a magazine than a book, for any age and destination. It is not focused on active seniors, more on young teens and twenties.

5.                  Kicking Ass on the Road: The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman Traveler Travel Cheap, travel safe and have the ultimate time of your life. (by Sunni Dawson, self-published, 2016) This is for a single woman, possibly divorced who wants to have the time of their life, and travel adventure. Included is info on romance, insurance, etc.

6.                  Time to Take Flight: The Savvy Women's Guide to Safe Solo Travel (by Jayne Seagrave, 2016, self-published) This Canadian author's view of travel is like the Dr. Travelbest guide with tips and then locations to visit.

7.                  The Solo Traveler's Handbook, second edition (by Janice Leith Waugh, 2012) The focus here is on Planning, Resources, Safety and Stories. It is written by a Canadian woman after her husband died.

Today’s Mistake-Unmanned toll booth in New York cost a bundle

The rental car I was driving from New York City through to upstate went through an unmanned toll booth in Westchester County. No notice on how to pay. No way to pay. About two months later, I got a bill for $35 for the toll. I learned my lesson, and hope you don’t have to go through this as well.
I’ll never forget that day, as I was heading to Boston, planning to go to the finish line and watch the Boston Marathon on the day of the terrible bombing, where so many were hurt. My plans were delayed, and I was downtown which was eerie and frightening still, hours later. That is another story for another episode.

Today’s Travel Advice- Don’t track your list of countries by number, but by experience

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