Nashville, Tennesee

 Nashville, Tennessee Show Notes

In this episode: The FAQ is one of our group with second thoughts about overseas travel. The destination is Nashville, the mistake is packing a glass bottle in my suitcase and the tip is: Minimalist Travel.

Today’s Independent Destination- Nashville, Tennessee

My first trip to Nashville was just a quick stop when in high school, on the way to Florida. I don’t remember much at all. But in 2020, I decided to take the plunge and see it again. This was March, right after they had some terrible storms, and right before the USA was closed for the corona.
Someday soon, you’ll be thinking about visiting there, so here are a few of my thoughts about seeing Music City for yourself.
I found it a great walking city, especially because there was not a lot of public transportation. I think you’ll like visiting for two to three days.
If you like music, there’s nothing like walking up and down the downtown Honky Tonk places, all with free entertainment and that includes live music. You can visit dozens of spots in one night, taking it all in. Broadway Street is the place.
If you like something else, the Pedestrian Bridge for sunset, or anytime is a delight. It’s just off Broadway, and it takes you over to the Football stadium.
The Grand Ole Opry is just a few miles out of town, and I really enjoyed walking around the hotel there. It’s a conference center, but the indoor horticulture and hanging people sized guitars made it authentic. Yes, there’s a Country Music Hall of Fame, which I went in briefly, but did not stay. The Bluebird Caf√© is outside of town a bit, and it’s tiny. So, if you want to discover the next great singer/songwriter, you may need to wait a few hours before they open. We did not get in there, so we found some great restaurants in the area around Germantown. We like the Nashville Farmer’s Market. It’s large, partly indoors and had some terrific wines to taste from the region. I walked about 5 miles a day, just in the downtown area. I highly recommend visiting and enjoying the street art, the food and especially the music. You’ll find something to do here, even if it’s just people watch! Check the Show Notes for more on Nashville and to see what’s open.

Today’s Mistake-Packing a bottle that broke

Packing a bottle of Kalua in my luggage. It broke. Was that ever a mess when I got it in Chicago. Never pack liquids in glass containers without proper protection. They will always break. And it’s stinky, too. Show notes have tips so you avoid my mistakes.

Today’s Travel Advice-Being a minimalist
Minimalist travel means you bring the very least you can, especially toiletries and things that you may not need. For example, if where you’re staying has shampoo, then you don’t need to bring it. A reminder that if you have liquids more than 3.4 oz, you can’t carry that on. The first and most important rule is Carry Less Stuff. The second is: reduce weight and combine when possible, two items into one, for multiple uses.

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