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 Reno Nevada: Dr Mary Travelbest

FAQ How can I Take care better care of our Planet as I travel?

Answer: Sustainable travel is for you, and for me. When you go somewhere, be sure to leave it as you found it. Take only memories from nature. Leave only footprints. Sierra Club has taught me well, as has Triple A.

Here are some answers:

  1. Eat local
  2. Take shorter trips closer to home
  3. Travel on public transportation
  4. Pack smart
  5. Travel slow
  6. Fewer flight connections

Today’s Independent Destination- Reno, NV

Travel with me on Hwy 15 heading home after a week in the Eastern Sierras, including Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, and Sparks.

If your family is looking for a Western vacation, away from Big Sur, and close to inexpensive family travel destinations, Reno and the Eastern Sierras may be your best bet.

Today’s Mistake- Food Poisoning

There’s nothing like being sick that can ruin a trip. I ate Udom with shrimp in the 1221 Restaurant in close to the Takoro Gorge in Taiwan at a nice restaurant and was awfully sick for a full night. The full bucket experience you don’t want to ever have.

My mistake was telling the restaurant that I was in a hurry, so they probably did not cook it well enough, and that’s why I got so sick. I had three shrimp and my daughter had one. She was not a sick as me, but we both had the poison for a day.

Today’s Travel Advice- Ship your frozen fish on the plane with you.

We went fishing in Alaska, and had a company freeze and pack our 187 lbs of fish for $400. We paid the excess airline baggage fees, which were significant, about $200. However, this was much less than shipping via FedX. Overall, this fishing almost paid for our trip, considering the retail cost of the fish, so we were happy.

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