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Show Notes for Lake Tahoe with Dr Mary Travelbest

In this episode: The FAQ is about CLEAR

FAQ: What is CLEAR? I’ve seen it in the airports and it looks like a good way to skip the line? When would I want to use that?

Answer: Clear is the fastest way to get through a select number of airports, right now about 30, but can also be used in concerts and other venues in the future. Identity screening and security clearance are the two reasons for this service, which uses retina scans to identify you.  The current cost is $179 per year per person, but there are some other pricing features, such as bringing your children along with you, and that depends on their ages. Is it better than TSA PreCheck? For some people, yes, but for others, the choice is TSA. That is not as fast, and costs less, about $20 a year.

Today’s Independent Destination: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is three things: North Shore, near Highway 80 with mountains, ski resorts like Northstar, beauty and elegance, South Shore with bustling tourism,  and third is nearby Reno, which we will cover on an episode soon. If you drove around the lake and did not stop, it would take 3 hours. It is a total of 72 miles around.

North Shore is quieter in general than the South Shore. It’s got more nature and scenery, but fewer places to park.
One thing to point out that is beautiful and appealing are the wild horses running nearby, especially along Highway 50, so be careful driving.

Visit a “Western Town” nearby. Virginia City is about an hour from South Lake Tahoe. Check it out if you have a few hours, and even take the train a few miles if you like. I highly recommend this little step back in time. I’ll tell you more about this on the Reno episode, so listen for that story.

Ski resorts are big business in the winter here. My favorites are Heavenly, which covers two states, so you can ski from California to Nevada, and back. Northstar,
Cruise on a boat on the lake. We took the sunset dinner cruise to zephyr cove. There were a lot of boats there, but it’s still nice to visit.
Drive around the lake and spend a day just relaxing while you do soak up the scenery.

South Shore is focused on Nevada, with some parts in California. The casinos are here. The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority will help you find your way around the south part of the lake.
Check out the webcams, too, 24/7.
Plenty of variety on places to stay and things to do here. It’s really geared up for visitors, so go ahead and see the beauty when you can.
I’ll do another episode on the Reno, Nevada region very soon. Give a listen.

Today’s Mistake- Not asking for help

Sometimes when I travel, I don’t ask for help, but I should. One of the things that keeps me stuck is on my smartphone. Sometimes, I don’t have my settings right, for example, the app may be turned off, so I can’t get it working. But sometimes I am too determined to do it myself, and I don’t ask for help. So don’t be like me. Ask for help if you get stuck. It may be that you just need to go to YouTube and search for “How to xxx” and they you can figure it out yourself. That’s what most people do today.

Today’s Travel Advice-Check your battery settings for health

Check your battery health on your phone. Go to settings, battery, Battery health and find out how your activity is affecting your battery life. Zoom is using my battery life, the most of all apps. Find out Maximum Capacity, peak performance capability, and optimized battery charging. To reduce battery aging, Iphone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

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