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Dr Mary Travelbest Guide to Independent Travel:  Los Gatos, CA

In this episode:  The FAQ is how to you do find your way to your hostel or accommodations? The destination is Los Gatos, CA.  My mistake is a dead car battery. The travel tip is creating a defining trip in your life if you can. Where will yours be?

FAQ: This comes from Raina. She asks: if you have traveled a few months or more (or less it doesn’t matter) to different places taking trains and buses and planes, how do you begin to know where to go when you find your way to your hostel or room? Do you just set out and start walking and exploring?

Answer: This can be a challenge when you are on your own, if you are not an experienced traveler, especially if you are staying in a new city. The first thing is to have a map, directions and a contact phone number. Use your smart phone map to guide you. Ask if you need help, even if you are in a foreign country, you can show them the map and they can assist you. I agree that this can be one of the most difficult parts of travel. Once you can handle this, though, you can pretty much handle anything! Keep listening to this podcast and soon my next book will guide you through this step by step.

Today’s Independent Destination- Los Gatos, CA

Just outside of the San Jose area is a sleepy little town called Los Gatos, or the cats, in Spanish. If you walk down the streets of the town, you will see life-size statues of cats all over downtown, and so the city has embraced this.
The wineries nearby are also worth visiting, if you have some time.
You’ll find nearby wine tasting rooms from local and Santa Cruz mountains wineries. Testarosa is located  inside the cave. Others are: Rootstock, Left Bend, and Perrucci Family Vineyard. Check to see the availability for tastings.
Saratoga, Campbell, Villa Montalvo. Music Venue, artist in residence, poets.
You can go to Santa Cruz. Monterrey is about an hour from
Halfway between Monterrey and San Francisco
If you are looking for a NorCal getaway, Los Gatos can be your destination.

Today’s Mistake-A dead car battery

My mistake was not driving my car and killing my battery. When I was travelling, my car was not. When I got back, my car battery was dead, but my car told me that it was the brakes that failed. This was not a good time for me. After spending $1500 on a new braking system at the dealership, my car ran ok. Until I was gone for a week. Then the same thing happened. I now realized that not driving my car was killing my battery. It never got re-charged. The car was a hybrid, and six years old. So, really all I needed was a new battery, which I got. So, lesson learned and shared here. Don’t let your battery die. Or if you do, it’s not your brakes, it’s only the battery.

Today’s Travel Advice
I spent nearly a month exploring Africa and the Seychelles
It was one of the defining trips in my life, because I was so totally away from any comfort zone and did not speak to anyone from my home country during the month-long trip. Being so isolated was a lesson in surviving. You can do that too. Give yourself a chance to learn, step by step.

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