Temecula, California

Dr Travelbest Guide to Temecula, CA

In this episode: The FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel? The destination is Temecula, CA

The mistake is Choosing snorkeling over scuba in the Great Barrier Reef. The tip is to define your life in independent travel

The FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel?

Answer: Hodophobia is the fear of travel. This is real for many people. Not just women, but mostly. It is more than just anxiety, and can cause shaking, crying, nausea, headaches, and sweating.

Here are four Tips for Coping with a Fear of Traveling

  1. Consult with a professional in mental health if you have a phobia of any kind. Some have found that there are other ways if mild symptoms occur.
  2. Set you own researched expectations: Use what you learn on the Internet for information. The more you research, your stress will be reduced and hodophobia left behind.
  3. Visualize: Imagine yourself negotiating city traffic and even detailed experiences such as pulling into the perfect parking spot. Visualize your own success while you build confidence and reduces personal stress.
  4. Plan your destination: If you are driving to your destination, sit down with a map and plan how far you will travel each day. Make hotel reservations and note the locations of nearby restaurants. If you are traveling by public carrier, such as a ship or a plane, confirm your bookings a few days before you leave. Allow plenty of time to arrive early and make a backup plan in case of delays.
  5. Breathe: Your body’s reaction to your mind can improve your outlook. So be sure to breathe deeply and that will help remind you of your current body and rhythms.



Today’s Episode Destination is Temecula, CA

Wineries- it’s in the heart of the Southern California Wine Country.

You will see lots of wine drinkers, some in limos.

This is a safe way to travel if you are going on an all-day wine tasting trip.

The most well-known wineries for me are Ponte, Leoness, and Thornton. And then Calloway, just because. At last count there were 40 different wineries.



Resorts near Temecula:

. https://www.palamesa.com/


Today’s Mistake- Choosing snorkeling over scuba 

I should have gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia.

Regrets are history, so I don’t focus on them, but here’s a lesson. If you are certified as a scuba diver, then take advantage of that. My friend was not certified, so we both went snorkeling on that trip. However, I have since wished that I had tried the scuba instead. Once you’re certified, you are for life. I had the opportunity, but I did not take it. So, my mistake to share is to do what you can if the timing works.


Today’s Travel Advice- Define your life in independent travel

One of the defining trips in my life was going to Africa for a month, because I was so totally away from any comfort zone and did not speak to anyone who knew me or my background during the trip. There were few Americans that I met. Being so isolated was a lesson in surviving. I was able to build confidence and trust in myself during this time. You may not need to go so far, but you can do something that can help you build your confidence and you will be able to feel positive about you, even a small thing. That’s why I want you to explore, so you find out about what’s inside you in the experience.


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